Cold Weather Measures to Protect Skin and Hair

There is no going back. Winter is here and with it the blustery cold that robs your skin of moisture and damages your hair. At Mens Salon Spa, we are here to help you make the most of the weather and this means not only surviving but thriving with great style. This year, here are several proactive measures you can take to protect your assets:

  1. Get Humid
    To offset the drying elements of the cold, invest in an excellent humidifier and sleep with it in your bedroom. A portable unit will add extra moisture in the air and can leave you feeling better rested. Don’t forget to change out the water in your humidifier weekly to prevent health issues.
  2. Combat Static
    Use a static-fighting brush like a boar-bristle brush in place of a metal, plastic, or nylon brush. You should also avoid any styling products like gels or mousses that contain alcohol as this can further dry out your hair and exacerbate static. Instead opt for cold-weather options like essential oils that can add a delightful aroma along with shine and texture to your weather hair routine.
  3. Shorter Shower
    While hot water might feel good, it stripes your hair and skin of moisture fast. Instead of opting for the hot shower, go for a little cooler water temperature and aim to complete your shower in ten minutes.
  4. Moisturize
    Hydrate at least two times a day immediately after a shower. This is a great habit to  get into year round but particularly in the winter. When you sleep at night, there’s a slight elevation in your body’s temperature so applying product before you sleep can aid in your skin absorbing it better.

That being said, come in for a special treatment or a little TLC during the winter months. We are here assist you in all of your skincare or hair needs.

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