Why Quality Hair Products Matter

At Mens Spa Salon, our stylists are dedicated to catering to your hair care and grooming needs. We specialize in delivering a rich array of services to maximize your comfort and perfect your looks. When it comes to products, we only use the best industry brands to help us stay true and achieve our mission.

When you leave our salon environment, it’s important to discuss with our professional team your regular routine so we can help prescribe the right course of action, and right products that can help you sustain your new hairdo. Quality hair products make a difference in the health, look, and feel of your hair and that’s why we carry top-of-the-line brands. Here’s a brief overview of some of our favorite products:

  • Pure Shampoo and Conditioner by CLEAN
    This powerful duo is suited for those that are looking for a gentle and chemical-free formula. Certified organic and derived from natural vegetable sources, both shampoo and conditioner contain hints of sweet basil, hibiscus, and elderberry extract to gently clean and deliver manageable hair each and everyday.
  • Ample Styling Tonic by CLEAN
    If you want to add great volume but don’t want the weight that traditional hair products carry, this styling tonic is one of the best. With touches of lavender and juniper berry, this organic formula helps maintain the style you set without the mess.
  • Wake Up Revitalizing Oil by Arigato
    Perfect for treating blemishes and in-grown hairs, this revitalizing oil helps to dissolve dead skin cells, brighten, smooth, and lighten your skin. Made from a combination of pumpkin, lemon, and wintergreen oil, this trio packs a punch to sooth your needs.

Touch Shave Foam
Lastly, another one of our favorite in-house products, this shaving foam preps your face, legs, or body for the best shave possible while protecting against razor burn. Made with coconut water, hemp protein, and lime oil, this stellar combination enables a close and comfortable shave.

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