History of the Pompadour

You may have seen this style, it’s a little bit rock and roll yet cutting edge, it echoes back to a time before but also feels fresh and new. That’s right, we are talking about the pompadour. In fact, our team of stylists recently decided to investigate this look and track down the origin of this popular and trendy do. Here’s what they found:

Harkens Back
It’s absolutely true that the pompadour look originated in a time past. In fact, it is traceable to around the mid-1700s. Attributed to Madame de Pompadour, a royal mistress to Louis XV and created specifically by her stylist Legros de Rumigny, the look included long strands of hair curled and pinned backwards in a coiffure. The look caught on and gained traction with other women of the monarchy including Marie Antoinette who accentuated her updo with eccentric additions like jewelry.

Next Up
Revived in the early 1900s, the pompadour’s first come back is due to the drawings of illustrator Charles Dana Gibson. This iteration of the hairstyle was looser than the 18th century version as hair was often teased at the hairline before being combed over and secured to the top of the head.

The King Steps In
Elvis. Need we say more? Elvis rocked the pompadour hairstyle among other rock and roll musicians like Little Richard and movie celebrities in West Side Story and Grease. Considered an essential style to the culture in the 40s and 50s, greasers embraced this stylish look and made it a staple for a night out on the town.

Contemporary Fashion
Still holding strong, the pompadour has seen a recent uptick amongst celebrities and musicians alike. The reclamation of this historical haircut also is gaining traction with the biker hipster movement, reviving this repurposed style with a killer edge. With over 300 years, this popular style is forecast to continue to innovate the coif bringing flare and design to all who dare rock it.

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