The Mustache Twist

Take a close look at the men around you both in real life and in the magazines, on television and social media. Notice anything? Men with mustaches often face a challenge when it comes to keeping their facial hair properly coiffed, their mustaches twist in two different directions. Similar to a cowlick, this can happen just because of the natural growth patterns of hair. Continue reading “The Mustache Twist”

Hairstyles for the Big Day

Whether a guest at a big wedding or the groom, on-point hair is an absolute must. At Mens Spa Salon, we know all about men’s grooming needs and offer a full line of salon services designed to deliver style and comfort. Any big event requires a little extra care and attention to details. In fact, here’s a timeline of our recommendations leading up to one of life’s shining moments: Continue reading “Hairstyles for the Big Day”

Style Feature: The Fade

The Fade is iconic. This hip and trendy haircut offers timeless style in a clean yet versatile cut that is suitable for a variety of casual or professional settings.  The Fade is available in several different versions including the Mid, High and Skin Bald varieties, or it can be combined with a Comb-Over, Mohawk or High Top.  The Fade offers a perfect modern take on a classic style.  Here are a few of our most requested versions: Continue reading “Style Feature: The Fade”

Why Quality Hair Products Matter

At Mens Spa Salon, our stylists are dedicated to catering to your hair care and grooming needs. We specialize in delivering a rich array of services to maximize your comfort and perfect your looks. When it comes to products, we only use the best industry brands to help us stay true and achieve our mission. Continue reading “Why Quality Hair Products Matter”